Technology Driven Service

Technology and digitalisation is the core of our success.

At FGV Transport, our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking systems which enables us to leverage technology to deliver the best possible performance to our customer.

As a logistics solutions provider, we recognise the importance of information for prompt and efficient delivery. Towards this goal, FGV Transport have utilised the Integrated Logistics & Distribution System (ILDS), which automates the delivery process and provides real-time information. The real-time information afforded by the system has resulted in more efficient logistics plans and fleet coordination for us and our customers.

Such digitalisation efforts also extends into other facets of operations. We have applied digitalisation efforts to Fuel Automation Systems(FAS), Vehicle Maintenance System(VMS) for our fleet management, Transport Management System(TMS) and Warehouse Management System(WMS). This allows us to have a better view of our supply chain, which has translated into more efficient planning and scheduling.

In addition, finance, human resources, contract management as well as billing & report departments have also benefited from our technology and digitalisation efforts. In these areas, we have utilised Systems Applications and Products (SAP) to better streamline and improve our operations.